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An afternoon on the river together

In July YPWD organised a scenic riverboat cruise trip for our attendees and their families along the River Thames in Henley.  The trip was held in our two week summer break from our workshops, enabling our attendees and family members to have some quality time with one another, socialising in an enriching and unique environment.

Our voyage took us from Henley downstream to Shiplake, on the Hibernia boat from Hobbs of Henley. It was a warm summer’s day with the sun shining and we all met at the entrance to the boat full of excitement for the trip ahead on the Thames.  Once everyone was seated and settled, we set sail.  We had fabulous views of both banks of the river and we were able to take in the glorious weather and peacefulness of the waterway. 

Everyone mingled and chatted away happily telling stories, taking lots of photos, and marvelled about the houses along the banks of the river wishing ‘to have a house like that!’

As we sailed along, we went under the Henley Bridge, and the picnic lunch of sandwiches, crisps and drinks were eaten and enjoyed by all.  On the front deck of the boat, groups of people sat outside chatting and watched the world go by.  Along the way, we passed through Marsh Lock, which some of us viewed from the back deck to watch the lock fill with water, waiting for it to open. Eventually we reached Shiplake, the furthest point of our journey, and it was time for the boat to turn around to head back to Henley. 

On the day our carers and attendees, said that ‘they really enjoyed the day’, ‘we love what YPWD have done for us’, ‘you have been a lifeline’, ‘It was good to get together with everyone and the effort put into organising it all was very much appreciated’.

Smiles all round, no seasickness, so perhaps same time next year…


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