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One to One Support

It is recognised that not all people wish to participate in group activities or are able to access a group. We provide one to one support, where appropriate, so that people are encouraged to choose an activity that is of personal interest to them that can be carried out with the support of one of our Young Dementia Project Workers.

We also offer one to one support when introducing newly referred people to our services to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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"Mum is having fun again even if she is just living in the moment."


Examples of one to one support are going for walks, going out for coffee or lunch, swimming, attending the driving range and attending local community projects. The one to one support has facilitated some individuals to volunteer for other charities such as Centre Point, thus promoting the individual’s sense of purpose but also enabling reciprocal support and learning.  Using a person centred approach, one to one support can lead to the individual gaining confidence to join a workshop.  In some cases, one to one support can also be offered to aid transition into more suitable community organisations as an individual's needs change. 

Our Referral Pathway page describes the process of referral.


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