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Author joins our Reader Group

The past six weeks we have been running a very successful and enjoyable online Reader Group. Over these six weeks the group have read three different books; The Sandy Shoreline by Emma Rose Sparrow, A Summer Walk, and An Autumn Adventure by Jamie Stonebridge. 

The books are short reads and designed for easier reading with larger print and spaced out paragraphs.  Each book takes you on a different journey, written to spark memories from childhood days to the present.  The group also shared colourful pictures and sound effects relative to each story which encouraged conversation and reminiscence. 

Erin contacted author Jamie Stonebridge who was delighted to hear we were using his books for our current Reader Group. Jamie was invited to join the group to meet all those involved and listen to the last three chapters of his book ‘An Autumn Adventure’.  We're very glad to say that he leapt at the chance.

After the session concluded Jamie says that in “Attending the Reading Group, it struck me that each individual got something common to others or unique to them from reading. Without any science I’d like to think that the action of reading out loud, brings them something akin to physiotherapy for the voice. The hope has to be that this group encourages conversation or like walking in a swimming pool the book reading is a form of supported conversation.”

Jamie’s kind words were followed by a gift of his published books donated to the charity.  Jamie would also like to collaborate with the charity moving forward, and work with us to maximise the benefits that his books can bring to people living with dementia.

You can see (and of course buy) all Jamie’s books on Amazon by clicking here


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