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Borrow a book from our dedicated dementia library

A first of its kind library service, offering a range of books on dementia, has opened at the Younger People with Dementia Charity in Wokingham.

The new library aims to provide an excellent choice of reading materials to borrow and take home to enjoy.

The library builds on the successful Shared Reading workshops that Younger People with Dementia has been providing for carers and those with Young Onset Dementia.

“We have run Shared Reading workshops to facilitate renewed enjoyment of reading. Feedback from these sessions have highlighted the benefits to both carers and people with dementia regarding their mood, cognition and wellbeing. The great benefit is that we are encouraging people to borrow our books to continue their reading journey at home.” says Dr Jacqui Hussey, Clinical Director of the charity.

The library offers books on young onset dementia written for professionals, by people with young onset dementia and others providing tips and insights for carers.  The library will also stock books which the charity feels are just a really good read.

The library has been made possible through a generous donation by the St James’s Place Charitable Foundation and the charity has received a wealth of literary support and guidance from The Bell Bookshop in Henley, providing a unique range of books to engage a broad set of readers.


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