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Charity statement: Changing for a Better Tomorrow


The COVID pandemic has changed things immensely for all of us and YPWD is no exception. We’ve seen the massive impact that it has had on the people we support and have modified our ways of working accordingly as best we can.  But we’ve also seen how it has marginalised people, made them more aware of their situation and their needs, increased mental stress and depression and made some feel even more isolated than before.  The Trustees and our Director, Mark Hainy, discussed this and all believe there should be even greater focus within the charity on supporting these clinical needs.   

So, to this end, we have agreed to recruit to a new post of Director of Clinical and Operational Services. We are seeking a person with direct experience of working with people living with dementia, mental health, and clinical work to boost the expertise within the charity and support and advise our brilliant employees on the clinical aspects of their work.  Mark will be leaving his post at the end of September, and we are currently advertising for the new role.  If there is time between Mark leaving and the new Director of Clinical and Operational Services starting, then Trustees will fill in and support the team.

Mark has been hugely influential in getting us to where we are – and we thank him wholeheartedly for his work over the last months and years. 

We are also working hard to recruit two Project Support Workers.  We will clearly monitor the situation and review our staffing further once the new Director of Clinical and Operational Services is in place.   

If anyone is interested in applying for the post, or knows someone who might be, then they can contact us.


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