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Charity statement following government announcement of second lockdown

Charity statement following the government announcement regarding the ‘lockdown’ of England from Thursday 5 November 2020

It comes perhaps as no surprise that our government has taken the decision to impose another lockdown on the residents of England from the 5 November 2020.  This is being done to bring the spread of the Covid-19 virus under control to avoid overwhelming the health service.

The charity’s Board of Trustees would like to assure you that during this challenging time we will continue to deliver our services and maintain contact with those that use our services for as long as this lockdown continues.  As a result of this new lockdown we are having to return to digital and telephony support only, and our team will do all they can to contact you and your loved one in the coming days.

Following the lockdown in March we have been on a journey of discovery and have been able to learn a great deal about delivering services remotely to maximise interest and engagement. We have received feedback from many of you to attest to the positive impact that these services have had on you and your loved one, and we are grateful to you for these supportive comments.

We shall continue to provide our services digitally and on the telephone for as long as we have to in order to keep our team, those that use our services, and those professionals we collaborate with safe.  Once the restrictions are relaxed, we will review what we are doing to see whether we are able to move towards physical, face to face support once more. This will then be communicated to you accordingly.

Should you have any feedback for us, or ideas about services you feel we should consider offering during the lockdown, or when we return to the new normal then please email the charity’s Director Mark Hainy – he would welcome hearing from you.

We would like to wish you and your families well as these difficult times persist, and to emphasise that the YPWD team will be here for you.

Mark Hainy, Director
YPWD Board of Trustees


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