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Join us for the Turtle Song sharing performance!

Over the past nine weeks friends and carers from YPWD have taken part in workshops with Turtle Song. This is a programme offered by Turtle Key Arts in collaboration with English Touring Opera and the Royal College of Music with the aim of bringing music, song writing, movement and singing to people with dementia and their carers. 

Turtle Key Arts produce and devise original groundbreaking art to entertain and inspire. They believe that access to the arts helps to improve the quality of life by bringing people together, offering creative opportunities, social interaction, confidence and self-esteem, which matches the ethos of what we aim to provide at YPWD Berkshire.

During this project, the Turtle Song team have created songs with lyrics directly from those with a dementia diagnosis. The theme of the project has been to create song lyrics using playing cards as a stimulus, with each song based on the diamonds, clubs, spades and hearts.  It has been really inspiring to see what has been created through this process. 

Our first song was composed about who our companions in lockdown were, whether it was an object, a person, or a pet. We are now in the process of adding hand gestures and movement alongside the music to get it all ready for our online sharing. 

This live online sharing virtual performance of the songs we have created will be taking place on Friday the 18 June at 11am, and we would welcome you all joining us to see what amazing work has been created.

To book your place please click HERE


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