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Local Charity support from AWBS

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Younger People with Dementia are proud to have been selected as one of the AWBS’s three Local Charities of the Year, alongside the Kevin Cruise Foundation and Aix Saath

AWBS are a welcoming group of women in the Berkshire and Surrey areas, who meet together to enjoy each other's company whilst taking part in a diverse range of fun activities.  Most of their members have an international connection either from coming here from abroad or from having lived abroad.  They have around 40 nationalities represented, and everyone is welcome.  Their membership of more than 250 ladies share a love of England with its rich culture and history.  Some are artists.  Others philanthropists.  Yet more enjoy sport from tennis to rowing.  If cooking is what excites you, they have regular classes on Zoom also. 

They run Sales at each of their monthly general meetings and the profits are shared between their local charities.  One of the ways that they create additional funding opportunity is through running a series of Bake Events and Samosa Sales – and the taste is truly delicious!  Book them for a party near you!   

(pic: David Fisher of YPWD, Rushna Master and Ethel Brome-Mbaya of AWBS)

So for YPWD, their support is a unique testimony to both their International background and their local community interest – and we are massively grateful for it.

As Rushna Master, their Head of Philanthopy says: “AWBS has a long tradition of supporting local charities and we look forward to a packed calendar of events to support our 2021/2022 selected charities.  AWBS are proud to be supporting these three wonderful charities.”

You can find out more about this wonderful group of ladies at


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