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This is the inspirational biographical story of a couple, Moth and Raynor, in their 50’s, who get evicted from their Welsh farm after a business venture goes wrong. At the same time Moth is diagnosed with Corticobasal Degeneration. Finding themselves penniless and homeless, they take the decision to walk 630 miles along the South West Coast Path.

The couple show persistence, strength and perhaps foolishness in undertaking the walk, managing on little money and rough camping, under adverse conditions and facing prejudice. Somehow they find salvation in the great outdoors.

If you are familiar with  the South West Coastal Path then you will love the descriptions; others have found them a bit tedious.  But we are sure that you will enjoy the couple’s reconnected love and resilience.  An inspirational read.

Owing to the current social distancing measures that are in place our library copy is currently unavailable, however you can order a copy from Waterstones online by clicking here


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