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Meet the Stronger Together Group

Meet the Stronger Together Group through this introduction from YPWD Volunteers Pam Moody and Elisabeth Smyth who co-ordinate many of the group’s regular activities.


The Stronger Together Group was set up in February 2017 in response to requests from carers whose partners had been or were still being supported by the YPWD charity.  It was felt that carers would benefit from a support group when their partners had moved into long term residential care or had died.  This was certainly the case and we started with 16 members and it has gradually grown to the present number of 22.  The regular attendance is usually between 10 and 15 but we have found that on the more popular activities we could have as many as 18 members coming along.


We meet twice a month with a regular walk on the first Saturday of the month.  All the activities involve refreshments and cake so we make sure the venues have parking, an excellent café and an interesting walk.  We vary the venues to even our travelling distance, so hopefully there will be a walk venue near you.


As well as the walks, we organise other activities for our second meeting and these have included meals out, coach trips, theatre trips, ten pin bowling, trips to National Trust properties and guided walks.  We are always open to new ideas from our members and appreciate their views in organising the activities.  We have also recently been involved with the re-introduction of the charity’s social event, Al’s Place, now known as ‘Altogether Now’.


The most important aspect of meeting together is the support we all receive from our friends in the group.  No matter if you are feeling isolated or sad there is always somebody in the group that will listen and help you to see the brighter side of life.  We have been asked in the past, when we were on a trip, what our group was and how we knew each other and replied that we are a ‘group of friends,’ which we are.


If transport is a problem, let us know so a lift can be organised for you to join in the activity.   If you are interested in joining Stronger Together and would like to know more we would be happy to meet up with you to introduce ourselves.
If you’d like to contact the Stronger Together Group, represented by Pam and Elisabeth, please email:


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