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We're collaborating with Royal Collection Trust

We've been collaborating with Royal Collection Trust to give people living with Young Onset Dementia a chance to step into Windsor Castle on Zoom as the pandemic continues to limit face to face contact.

Since lockdown in March the charity has moved its services online to be able to maintain contact and support, while aiming to reduce isolation and loneliness.   The charity has been taking what were originally face to face activities onto the Zoom platform, and they approached Royal Collection Trust to work with them to create a six week set of workshops with the focus on Windsor Castle.

“YPWD were the first organisation to come to us to ask for a dedicated workshop using live video. What this has done has allowed us to think out of the box and create a set of enjoyable workshops, using the Royal Collection that informs, educates and entertains this unique audience.” Says Amy Stocker Royal Collection Trust’s Access Manager.

This collaboration has been incredibly well-received by those that use the charity with member of YPWD team Gill Stokes saying “To be able to have dedicated tours and explore Windsor Castle and its history through the talented team at Royal Collection Trust has been a real experience for everyone. We are truly grateful to them for their willingness to set up a live video workshop from scratch.”

The workshops include a great deal of storytelling, information and facts and figures, with many interesting things revealed to those participating.  One of these includes how it took 50 people working together to carry a carpet from Windsor Castle during the fire in 1992. 

It is hoped that as a result of this successful collaboration there will be more live video workshops in the future. For the team at Royal Collection Trust they are now able to take this framework and use it to reach other charities and organisations.


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