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Will you review YPWD to help us to raise our profile online?

This year we have a couple of members of our team working on raising our social media profile in order to create more awareness about Young Onset Dementia, and the work the charity does. We will be using your words, with your permission, and posting facts and figures to help spread the word to people who may not know that Young Onset Dementia even exists.

Over the years we have received many reviews from carers and attendees to our workshops, which have helped us to improve our services and ensured that we are on the right track in providing the best support we can. We recently recognised however that we have not received many reviews or ratings on our Facebook page or on our Google profile.

To enhance our credibility (and our reach) on both of these platforms, we would appreciate it if you, as our supporters and friends, could leave a review on our Facebook page and/or Google profile. If you are comfortable in doing this please follow the links below.

Our thanks to you in advance.

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