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The YPWD Library is open and here is our April list of reads

YPWD is proud to announce that its library is open for business once again!  Unfortunately, during the pandemic our offices have been closed and our library has been sitting in the dark for much of this time.

When the library was established we were very grateful to receive support from The Bell Bookshop in Henley and from St James’ Wealth Management to purchase all the books.  We have a broad range of books that have been specially selected for those living with Young Onset Dementia, carers, children and professionals.

So, we have made the decision to open the library and give everyone the chance to take a book out by having it mailed to them by the YPWD team.  

In order to do this you’ll see that over the next few newsletters we will be sharing with you a range of books from the library.  This includes a synopsis of each book in the selection each month.

You can download the April book list in the link below. 


If you see a book that you would like to borrow then please email the title of the book to and we will mail it to you. As is the case in your local library you’ll be given a few weeks to read your book, and then we’d ask that you return it to us. 

In our May newsletter we’ll feature our next list of books, and along with this will be the first of our regular monthly book reviews from one of the charity’s Trustees.


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