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The YPWD puzzle book and compendium

A few months ago the author Jamie Stonebridge took part in one of the charity’s Reader Group workshops.  This came about because the charity had been using Jamie’s books in the Reader Group and wanted Jamie to experience how his stories were helping people living with Young Onset Dementia.

Jamie Stonebridge says “I got to witness first-hand on that Zoom call how much reading and words really mean to people. It was also very evident how the needs and interests of younger people with dementia are different from older people.”

Fast forward to today and we are incredibly proud to say that we have a brand new YPWD book about to launch. This is a new puzzle book and compendium of other games that has been developed in collaboration with Jamie Stonebridge and is specifically written for people that have been diagnosed with Young Onset Dementia.

Jamie has been incredibly generous with his time, and has built this fantastic book from scratch, liaising with the YPWD team throughout to make sure that the content of the book is of relevance to those with Young Onset Dementia. As an example much of the content reflects the 1970s and 1980s.

“Jamie took an immediate interest in what we do after witnessing the Reader Group, and he was keen to learn more about Young Onset Dementia to inform his writing for people living with the disease. The puzzle book and compendium has been a joy to collaborate on and we are hoping it will reach beyond the borders of Berkshire to help the many people across the UK living with Young Onset Dementia.” Says Mark Hainy the Charity’s Director.

The book will be on sale on Amazon through Jamie’s storefront and for every copy that is sold YPWD will receive £1.  We will subsequently use this money to help with the delivery of services for the people that use YPWD from across Berkshire.

The book can be purchased from April onwards, and the link below will take you to the Jamie Stonebridge storefront, highlighting Jamie’s many other dementia friendly titles.


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