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What support is available?

YPWD Charity: Further information on support available within Berkshire and Surrey Heath is highlighted on this website.

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust: Information about dementia can also be found on their website and within their Dementia Guide.

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust: Information about young onset dementia together with support guides can be found here: SABP Website

Memory Clinic: Memory Clinics monitor how a person with dementia responds to their medication. Some clinics run an ‘Understanding Dementia’ (education) course for young people with dementia and a separate one for their carers (This is what we do at YPWD).  They provide guidance and also support people with dementia to continue their practical activities and hobbies. They have close links to researchers. They may also signpost you to an Admiral Nurse (a specialist nurse who supports carers of younger people with dementia) and a Dementia Care Adviser specifically for carers of younger people with dementia. 

Day services: Some local areas offer structured daytime activity for younger people with dementia.  A local provider within Wokingham, Reading and West Berkshire is TuVida.  

Other Useful Contacts: Young Dementia UK and the Alzheimer's Society.

Support groups are offered for rarer dementias including Familial Alzheimer’s and these are provided by Rare Dementia Support at UCL.


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