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Needs-appropriate services for people with young onset dementia: The perspectives of healthcare professionals

Publication Date:

April 2021

Young onset dementia has become a growing challenge in national healthcare systems. Concerns about the situation have already been expressed; however, they mostly report the views of services end-users. Aimed at finding out useful further improvement, interviews documenting the working experiences of professionals addressing healthcare services to people with young onset dementia (YOD) were analysed qualitatively. The interviews resulted in four themes and twelve categories. The themes regarded services’ complexity and responsiveness, the levels of education and knowledge on YOD, the impact that serving people with YOD reflects on staff working experience and quality of life, and a series of proposals aimed at improving services by giving people with YOD and families the provision of care they deserve. Although some of the themes recapped the ones reported in the previous literature, the mixture of internally and externally driven instances represented in the themes depict the complexity of care delivery in the services. Findings are discussed in the light of a pragmatical framework capable of suggesting what changes services should implement to be timely responsive.

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