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Specially created for younger people living with dementia

Created in consultation with the YPWD charity in the UK, this entertaining and useful book is ideal for people who were 65 years or younger when first diagnosed with dementia.

With word search, spot the difference, dot-to-dot, colouring pages, mazes and even an easy recipe, you’ll find there’s something for all ages and abilities. Covering themes such as Music, sports, travel, film, hobbies, families, friendship and much more.

This book can be used individually or as a shared experience with a friend or carer. It’s a great way to start conversations.

You’ll also find ideas for activities you can try at home and useful lists of UK based organisations that offer advice and support. There’s even a simple monthly organiser for important dates such as birthdays or for listing contact details.

Through education, workshops and support the Younger People With Dementia (YPWD) charity helps people to live well with dementia. To find out more about our work, please visit:

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